Appreciation Nation 1: The Year of Living Biblically Edition

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You know something?

Life is amazing and people are awesome.

I think it’s too easy to forget those simple facts.

And since I had an especially awesome week, I thought I’d make an extra special effort to show appreciation for the folks who helped make it so worth getting up for.

I was listening to a fascinating interview with AJ Jacobs the other day (thanks to Matthew Kimberly for turning me on to The New Man podcast). If the name rings a bell, you might recall his article on Outsourcing Your Life which Tim Ferriss reprinted in The Four Hour Workweek). It’s a fascinating (and rather hilarious) experiment in outsourcing amped up to absurdity. And that’s only one of many extreme lifestyle experiments that AJ has performed in the same of science (or is that frivolity?)

In one especially bizarre experiment, AJ is spent an entire year living and obeying the rules of the Christian Bible to the letter.

You can get the summarized version in the below TED talk (it’s good).

Long story short, this is a rather impractical thing to do. But one positive thing that did come out of the experience (which AJ Explains in the New Man interview) is the daily practice of gratitude—taking the time to give thanks for things you might otherwise take for granted.

I figured I’d apply that concept to blogging. So starting today I’m challenging myself to be more conscious about:

  1. what I’m doing each day to create an ever more exciting, fulfilling life
  2. what already awesome right here and now

Let’s begin, shall we…

A Symposium of Awesome Tweeps

Tia Singh (@TiaSparkles)

Amazin’, blazin’, loud, proud font of positive, life-affirming energy. I love her courage, her openness and her proclivity for rocking my world. They don’t call her Sparkles for nuttin’. Check out The Power of Belief.

Mark Powers (@MarkPowers)

(“Danger” is his middle name)—just met this super talented, savvy and cool-as-Kryptonite dude this week. He’s blazing a trail for artists and musicians who want to make their lives and their work remarkable. If you’re struggling with what you can do to be more awesome this week, just quit trying already.

Lauren Rains (@LaurRains)

Madcap adventurer and seizer of days who just gave me the most grueling psychological evaluation of my career and taught me a thing or two about myself in the process (keep an eye out for it). Looking forward to watching her run rampant over the west coast during her upcoming U.S. Road Trip.

Annie (@beesplz)

This fabulously talented, quirky, multipotentialite and future trailblazer is launching her bodacious art blog this week. It’s full of verve and features some fantastic time-lapse composition videos—show her some love.

Bernardo Mendez (@yourgreatlifetv)

Human dynamo and all round terrific guy; Bernardo just shines with positive, uplifting energy. I so appreciate the way he goes out of his own to support and champion others. The real deal. He’s also got stellar video presence—if you don’t already know Your Great Life TV, it’s definitely one to check out.

Jonathan Mead (@jonathanmead)

Jonathan needs no introduction; actually he gave me one: he pretty much introduced me to the blogosphere and continues to connect me with great people and opportunities. So appreciate his continued support. Check out: How To Create Your Own Private Cartel.

What Will They Think of Next??

One more astonishing TED talk on a new experimental technology for constructing materials such as batteries, hydrogen fuels and solar cells using non-toxic viruses which are genetically engineered for purpose. They’re actually taking the organic self-replicating intelligence of the virus and using it to manipulate inorganic substances at the nanolevel.

It never cease to be amazed by the inventiveness of human beings or the intricate workings of nature. A scientific revolution is not just a technological advance; it’s a fundamental change in our world view. And when our world view changes at such a fundamental level, for all intents and purposes, the world itself is changed. Everything has new meaning and impossibilities dissolve.

What’s even more thrilling is that these revolutions are occurring ever more rapidly. We keep discovering ever deeper truths of nature. Things which seem fixed and concrete at one level suddenly become abstract and malleable at another. Are we just discovering what’s already here? or do we actually invent it as we go along? It seems that we’re trending towards an ever more adaptable, transformable universe.

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